WILDLIFE ON DELGANY HERITAGE TRAIL. In the ancient village of Delgany, there is a wealth of flora and fauna to be discovered. Down in the glen lies the Glebe (Church lands), where you can hear the bubbling sound of Three Trout Stream as it makes its way downwards towards the sea. During early spring mornings and evenings, it’s the place to come and hear the sweet sounds of the dawn and evening choruses.

The sparrowhawk is a regular visitor and in recent years, a pair of buzzards have nested in Delgany’s woodlands. Along Blackberry Lane, you will see the variety of trees, bushes and general vegetation, which provide ideal nesting sites for birds as well as excellent habitats and corridors for other forms of wildlife. This is the haunt of blackbird, song thrush, robin, wren, blackcap and willow warbler, to name but a few. Higher up above the village on Bellevue Hill, is Kindlestown Wood where the variety of trees include oak, walnut, ash, elm, holly, hazel, hawthorn, beech, sycamore, elder, maple, Spanish chestnut and a variety of conifers. These provide cover for various animals, including both badger and fox.

You may catch a glimpse of a squirrel up above, jumping from branch to branch. This location offers good opportunities in summer for watching bats, as they hunt for flying insects during the late evenings. At Barry’s Bridge the resident rabbits are sometimes joined by one or two deer, which take advantage of the rich grasses growing along the banks of the stream.